Review: Bloom Premium London Dry Gin

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6 Complexity

9 Smoothness

7 Balance

4 Terroir

8 Value

The makers of Bloom Gin, G&J Greenall (one of the UK’s largest distillers under a variety of brands), describe the gin as “a light, delicate and floral gin with a totally unique slightly sweet taste created by a bespoke blend of 3 botanicals: honeysuckle, chamomile and pomelo.”

Bloom is a dainty gin that keeps a very low profile in almost any context.  The honeysuckle and chamomile are the standouts (albeit bashful), making this a simple, refreshing pour.  Of course, bear in mind that the “low profile” comes somewhat at the expense of the juniper.  As with other floral gins, subjugating the juniper makes this gin slightly more accessible, but it also limits its utility in traditional cocktails.

This gin was pleasant to sip over ice, but it was difficult to find a traditional cocktail that felt natural and allowed the gin to take center stage.  I found myself leaning on bright, fruity concoctions such as Mother’s Ruin Punch (as created by Philip Ward from New York’s Death & Co.) or a Karthago (as prepared Michael Lomonaco at Columbus Circle’s Center Bar in New York City). And in this role, Bloom was a magnificent.  Even G&J suggests garnishing a Bloom & Tonic with strawberries.

Bloom Gin: BottleGins like Bloom leave me torn.  On the one hand, I personally prefer a more heat-seeking gin that is more juniper-forward and can bat a thousand in an arid martini.  This gin (and others in its category) tend to really stretch the boundaries of gin.  (And especially the “London Dry” designation emblazoned across the bottle.)

On the other hand, arid martinis do not make me the hero of a backyard barbecue.  For that, Bloom is a consummate and faithful companion.  I have received more compliments on the casual, fruity cocktails I have created with Bloom than perhaps with any other.  And the nuance that Bloom can bring to a summer cocktail is sophisticated and disarming.

Bloom Premium London Dry Gin
G&J Greenall
40% Alc. by volume

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